Thursday, October 27, 2011

I see dead people

Halloween is just around the corner and everywhere you look people are decorating their houses with skeletons, pumpkins and other spooky stuff.
If you are like me, that makes you ponder one important question a lot more though:

How can I be prepared for a zombie apocalypse? 

Lucky enough, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published an article that gives us some pointers.

Not a bad read, but what happens when you have to take things a step further because the rotting corpses have found your bunker?
Here are a few tips that might make a difference in your survival:

1. Dress for the event

- Long hair is not an option.
  Don't be stupid. We all know that zombies like to grab stuff.
  And once you and your golden locks are entangled in their hands or teeth 
  - that's it.

- Long sleeve shirts will provide warmth and hide bleeding wounds.
  You don't want to leave any bloody trails leading the zombies to you.

- Proper pants are key!
  And that means pants that fit and preferably have some side pockets.
  Nobody cares if you used to be a ghetto rapper.
  Get some cargo jeans that don't hang off your ass because they are 
  4 sizes too big.

- Same rule for shoes.
  Your Nike's might have cost $300, but if they fly off your feet when you start 
  running, they are worth nothing.
  Get some boots. (No heels - that's for the ladies!)

2. Flight is better than fight

- Only fight if you have to.
  I know they killed your grandma, but now is not the time to seek revenge.
  If you want to live, then don't waste your time and ammunition by taking
  10 of them out. 
  You just end up being teared into pieces. Or worse.

- Stay out of sight.
  Hide where you can and make sure they don't see you.
  They will only come after you if they know you are there.

You can find further details on these tips as well as more info on Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse.

Finally, if nothing helps and you have to fight, this might some valuable advise:

Good luck! ;)

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  1. I guess it's time to cut that long mane of yours, Mel! ;-)


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