Welcome.. if you are looking for some background info - this is the right place..

About me:

Aloha and hello!

I am Melissa, the writing fairy behind this blog, and I am happy to share something with you:
I consider myself very lucky.
Why? Because I already have found the love of my life.
About 8 years ago I met Markus, the most wonderful man in this world, and I lost my heart.
You can't imagine my joy when he loved me back...
We are now happily married and have even started our own family.
On June 4th, 2009 our son Ace was born. He is the most amazing baby ever. 

About this blog:

I am a writer and I like to be creative.
I am also a mom and I think I can be funny or at least entertaining.
If you mix all of this together, you get some stories that are worth to be shared with others.
Some of them you will find on here. Enjoy. :)

Now, why the name "Filled With Light" though?

Because this is what my life is: It is filled with light.
I am just so blessed with a wonderful husband, an amazing child and a few great friends.
I am as happy as I can be and I love my life.

How could I have named my blog differently then?

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