Friday, May 20, 2011

Birthday gift

When you love reading or have a thing for books in general, you might face this challenge:
How to decide what to read. 

True liking of myself

And if you end up reading two (or more books) at the same time, you are always torn which one to take for the commute to/from work – cause we all know: There is just never enough space in the bag/purse – not to speak of the weight issue…

So, last week was my birthday and I have to say Markus nailed it on the head with this year’s birthday gift.

He bought me a Kindle.

I absolutely love it. 
I feel it is best invention since sliced bread when it comes to reading.
It is so light, but holds up to 2500 books and it actually reads like the pages in a real book.
You don’t feel you are looking at a screen. 


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