Wednesday, June 8, 2011


This weekend has been very special for us since it was June 4th again.
Time for celebration x 2.

Saturday was our 3rd wedding anniversary. :)
But of course it was also Ace's 2nd birthday.
With Markus' parents in town, we had decided against a big party but just opted for coffee and cake at home.

Checking out the cake...

This year Ace got the idea of blowing out a candle and did his best, but in the end he needed some help from mom and grandma. ;)
(No worries Ace, we made a wish for you on your behalf.. ;))

Then it was time to unwrap the presents...
Let me just say: He got a lot of Duplo. ;)

Eventually it was cake time and since it was Key Lime Cake, Markus was in heaven [insert angel trumpets here], however Ace did not care.
He just picked at his slice for a minute, but didn't even want to eat one bite.
Finally he handed me the plate and asked for an orange instead.

This child is hilarious!

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