Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Car sale - Part 2

Let me start this with just saying that by now we have sold the van.
But it was nothing short of being a pain in the butt.
There are just too many idiots who know how to click the "Send" button on their email. *sigh*
I don't even want to get into the morons we had to deal with, but to finish this chapter I have one more thing to show you.

Here is one of last favorites who had been interested in the van. 
He emailed Markus with an "exclusive" offer that we "needed" to consider.
Basically he sent us the link to his ad:

Just a note:
Wayne Gretzky is not dead. 
Why he would believe that one shirt is worth $1100 when I can still get Gretzky's autographs today, is beyond me. 

We politely declined his offer. :D

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