Monday, August 22, 2011

That was not a purchase...

I love gadgets. 
I have a thing for tech toys although so far I haven't gone as crazy as some of the geeks I work with. ;)
One of the reasons why I love our iPhone for example, is the fact that it allows me to capture and document the random stupidity of other people.

Below you can find my latest encounter.

But let's see first if you can guess what I am referring to.
So let's play a game called "What is wrong with this picture?"

What doesn't belong here...?

This is the playground close to our house. 
Seems normal? Nothing out of the ordinary?
- Look closer!

Can you see it now?

Not a stroller!

This is a mall buggy - not a stroller.

In case you have never seen one before - they work like this:

You deposit x dollar and then you are allowed to use the buggy while shopping in the mall or store you got it from.
So basically it is a rental. 
You DON'T BUY it by inserting your money. YOU HAVE TO GIVE IT BACK!

Nonetheless, I found this one at our playground the other day and you know what? 
I know the mall that it is coming from and it is 2 miles away! 
Someone actually went through the hassle to push the buggy with its tiny wheels all the way to this playground.

Well of course, now you could argue that maybe the people who did that are just really poor and don't have the money to buy a real stroller...or that there might be a similar "good" reason to steal the buggy... Cause you never know, right?
Right? Wrong!

A few minutes later the new "owners" came back to get the buggy and go home.. 
And guess what?

The child riding in the buggy was at least 10 years old and I've seen him playing soccer with his friends before his mom came to get the buggy. 
So he is not handicapped or too small to walk.. he is just plain lazy.

Classy ride home


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  1. o.O
    Seriously? Beyond all of the other wrongness with this, I just want to know... What kind of ten year old wants to be seen by his friends getting pushed home in a baby cart? Also, what mother wants to push a ten year old kid around? 'Classy' is too mild a word for it. ;)


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